In Yemen, children cannot access education because of poverty. Education is a key that unlocks countless opportunities. It is a way out of poverty, a driving force for social change and an important aspect of personal development and welfare.  Without proper education, the future remains bleak for the youth of Yemen. Yemen was once recognised as a centre of learning and knowledge. Today, however, children go to school lacking the basic essentials (books, pens, notebooks, bags etc.)

Based on our mission to encourage learning in the community, we implement the school kits and uniforms project, one of our seasonal activities. This project is specifically aimed at supporting orphans and the children of poor families, by equipping them with the necessary minimum to ensure their day at school is productive. We help primary school children by supplying them with school bags containing school essentials such as notebooks, pens and other academic materials.

The reasons for the project:

As we care about children and students who are the future generation, so our duty was to focus most of our attention on this segment of society in providing them with the outstanding service. The project had a pouch in which the foundation has done in previous years, a good impact on the poor and destitute groups that can not afford to provide the students with clothes and stationary tools needed for their studies, as well as school fees.

Project objectives:

  • To help orphans and needy students to learn and have good education, and encourage students to special education and outstanding students who are unable to continue their education
  • To reduce the cost of education for the student’s family
  • To encourage poor students to learn and have good education
  • Moral support to orphans and needy students and make them feel that they have brothers supporting them
Enlighten a child future in Yemen -05-09-2017

Enlighten a child future in Yemen

Children in Yemen cannot go school because of poverty and they struggle to pay for school kits, uniforms and fees. With the ongoing conflict, schools are destroyed and going to school has become more diffecult. Remember that children in Yemen need to have a good education for their future.

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