SABA Relief and Development Foundation is a non-profit registered charity in the UK that is exclusively focused on supporting the needy in Yemen. Our sole goal is to alleviate the poverty and suffering faced by populations in Yemen.
The distinctive nature of our work and stand out feature is that we have a team on the ground in Yemen to implement our projects. We have an established office in Yemen, which is run by local staff. Regular updates of these projects given to use via photographs and videos which are then passed on to our donors.

Our History:

The charity was established in 2012 after the realisation that Yemen was heading towards a crisis. Once SABA Relief was established, our representatives travelled to Yemen to witness first-hand the humanitarian catastrophe and began to identify the projects and campaigns we could support and implement.

Throughout the years we have been able to create more projects to benefit more people.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the catalyst for change in Yemen. To aid and support as many people as humanely possible.

What we do:

Campaigns and Projects Planning:

Our team of passionate individuals assess the situation in Yemen. With feedback from our team on the ground, we look for innovative ways to help those in need. There are many issues Yemeni people face everyday, it’s our job to decide where help will be most needed, and what campaigns are beneficial.


Our fundraising team think of ground-breaking ways to raise money for our projects in Yemen. Whether it’s an Eid Fun day, a car wash or trek of Mount Snowdown, we have events for everyone.


Once we have raised funds for the projects, we send the money over to our team in Yemen who then implement the projects.
These are the projects we implement in Yemen:

  • Water project
  • Food project
  • Orphan sponsorship
  • Healthcare
  • Education project
  • Winter appeal
  • Qurbani & Eid gifts
  • Homeless project
  • Container aid
  • Zakat distribution
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