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Yemen Kidney Dialysis Appeal

Kidney Dialysis Appeal

It’s a catastrophic fact to know that over 15 million Yemenis lack access to basic health. This stat comes as no real surprise as only 45% of the health facilities are functioning.

Kidney failure remains a serious cause of mortality in Yemen. The lives of thousands of kidney failure patients are in danger as kidney treatment centers in war-ravaged Yemen close or struggle to function.

Patients with kidney failure are dependent on machines to clean their blood and most of them generally don’t have the physical strength or money to travel for treatment.

Thousands of Yemenis are in need of Kidney dialysis, Help us save lives.

Yemen Emergency Appeal 2019

Yemen Emergency Appeal

After years of war, eight million of Yemen’s estimated 28 million people are at risk of starvation. About a quarter of a million people in Al-Hudaydah, a city of 600,000, are in danger of injury or death in an urban assault. Some households lost their livelihood after their farms were damaged and it is estimated that 5200 families were displaced.

SABA Relief is working on the ground to provide food, water and shelters in Al-Hudaydah, Yemen to the needy and displaced families who are affected by the conflict. You can save a life for a displaced person who is struggling with war and starvation.

As many families have become refugees within their country, we urgently need your help to feed families and provide shelters for them.

See how your donations have impacted the day to day life of the vast population that we support:

The way in which, you helped us impact these people’s lives for the better.



Families were fed in 2017/2018



Families benefited from water project



was raised and allocated amongst families

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in Yemen Today

The suffering of children is one of the most difficult things to witness. They are especially vulnerable to the effects of poverty and they are the hardest hit when faced with challenges that even adults would find difficult to cope with.

Sponsor a child today and give aid to those vulnerable children who are in desperately in need of any help they can get.

Change an orphan’s life for just £20 a month/£240 a year

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