Fulfill the great pillar of Islam

Help those who are in need in Yemen

Fulfill the great pillar of Islam and help those who are in need in Yemen

Zakat is a crucial pillar of Islam. It is a major teaching that raises awareness about the importance of helping those most vulnerable. It is the manifestation of ultimate selfishness, generosity, and social reformation. It is a cleansing process of the heart from greed and misery. Zakat is not just a charitable act; it is rather a duty where every Muslim has to give from their yearly earnings to the poor. Fulfill this great pillar of Islam.

Zaka  is an obligation for every Muslim who has reached puberty, is of sound mind, and has above the minimum required amount of wealth (Nisaab) which Zaka will deduct (2.5%).


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The way in which, you helped us impact these people’s lives for the better.



Families were fed in Ramadan 2017



Water tanks were distributed in Yemen



was raised and allocated amongst families

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    See how your donations have impacted the day to day life of the vast population that we support:

    Orphan Sponsorship

    Sponsor an orphan in Yemen Today

    The suffering of children is one of the most difficult things to witness. Especially vulnerable to the effects of poverty and conflict, children are the hardest hit when faced with challenges that even adults would find difficult to cope with.  The escalation of conflict in Yemen has resulted in many civilian deaths leaving countless children parentless.

    We need your help to provide care and financial assistance to as many of these children as we can.

    Change an orphan’s life for just £20 a month/£240 a year

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