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Yemen Cholera Emergency Appeal

Yemen Cholera Emergency Appeal

Millions of Yemenis are in need of medical care but sadly the healthcare system in Yemen is on the verge of total collapse. As a result, thousands of families have been hit by preventable diseases such as cholera, which is actively taking lives in Yemen. You can make a difference today by donating towards treatments for cholera and workshops aimed to educate/prevent the outbreak from spreading further.

By acting now, you can help pay for treatment for the victims of cholera. Prevention is invariably better than cure and we can do this by providing clean water and organising constructive workshops that aim to reduce the spread of cholera through education and awareness.

£30 Cholera Treatment – £40 Cholera Package – £100 Cholera Workshop.

School bag for children in Yemen 2017

Enlighten a Child’s Future

Education is a key that unlocks countless opportunities. It is a way out of poverty, a driving force for social change and an important aspect of personal development. Without a suitable education, children lack the foundations of growing up with the key social knowledge.

SABA Relief considers education is vital to eliminating poverty and focuses on ensuring that children have access to education. Every year we implement the school kits and uniforms to help the needy children in Yemen.

Give a child the opportunity to go to school today: £10 School Kit – £20 Uniform – £30 School Kit & Uniform Package.

See how your donations have impacted the day to day life of the vast population that we support:

The way in which, you helped us impact these people’s lives for the better.



Families were fed in 2017/2018



Families benefited from water project



was raised and allocated amongst families

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in Yemen Today

The suffering of children is one of the most difficult things to witness. They are especially vulnerable to the effects of poverty and they are the hardest hit when faced with challenges that even adults would find difficult to cope with.

Sponsor a child today and give aid to those vulnerable children who are in desperately in need of any help they can get.

Change an orphan’s life for just £20 a month/£240 a year

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