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Qurbani for Yemen-2021


As the situation in Yemen worsens so does the need for more humanitarian aid. It was already the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and now the country requires more intervention.

Every year, Saba Relief carries out a Qurbani Campaign in Yemen on behalf of its donors. We help in areas where starvation is the reality of daily life. Our Qurbani campaign this year is out to tackle hunger in some of the poorest places in Yemen. Your Qurbani donation can make a positive difference for a family who cannot buy meat most of the year. It ensures a poor family eats well during the festive period of Eid al-Adha.

£90 Sheep/Goat – £525 Cow (£75 A Share)

Pay Your Zakah


Zakah is a crucial pillar of Islam: a major teaching that raises awareness about the importance of helping those who are most vulnerable. It is the manifestation of ultimate selflessness, generosity, and social reformation. It is a cleansing process, freeing the heart from greed and misery.

Zakah is not just a charitable act; it is rather a duty in which every Muslim has to give from their yearly earnings to the poor. With your donations and support, we have a chance to provide financial aid to the poor and the needy who have lost everything due to war and the health crisis in Yemen.

Fulfil the great pillar of Islam

See how your donations have impacted the day to day life of the vast population that we support:

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