Yemen …

Surviving Winter

£20 Child Winter Clothing – £60 Winter Aid – £100 Family Winter Sponsorship

As the world’s ‘worst humanitarian crisis’ festers, the local impacts of the conflict remain overshadowed and often ignored on the international stage.

Water shortages, driven by the war and climate change, have been a challenge that exacerbate conflict dynamics and make matters worse for Yemenis, such as the one million people who have contracted cholera. There are also a disproportionate number of orphans, many of whom are starving or malnourished as food shortages hit across the nation.

Therefore, we need to be there to provide vital aid for people who have no one else to turn to: medicine, food and clean water.

This winter, millions of vulnerable people in Yemen, including needy children, are struggling to stay warm. Saba Relief is launching a winter appeal to raise fund to help provide the needy with food, water, mattress, blanket, coats, hat, scarf and gloves in Yemen. Please help us to reach those who are struggling in the cold this winter, by donating to our Yemen winter appeal for family winter packs today.

With your support, we can help vulnerable people who have no one else to turn to.

What we will do during this campaign:

  • Provide the needy with food in Yemen
  • Provide the needy with coats and blankets to keep them warm
  • Ease the suffering of the needy people in Yemen

Winter in Yemen:

It is a common misconception, especially in the UK, that the Arabian peninsula is extremely hot year-round. This is wrong – in winter, the cold has no remorse over the suffering people of Yemen. The on-going war has forced many of the displaced to live in caves as protection against the brutal conditions. This is not an acceptable shelter against the harsh winter season. Many are exposed to freezing climates, especially the women and children.