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Why work as a volunteer for a charity?

Why work as a volunteer for a charity?

Volunteering is an excellent way of boosting social and professional skills in a working environment. It’s a chance to meet new people, build relationships and even work in a field you have never explored.

 What is volunteering?

A volunteer is described as somebody who willingly gives their time for the common good without any financial gain. Aside from the financial perspective of things, there are so many other benefits it can bring to both personal and social lives.

Benefits of being a volunteer

One of the biggest benefits from being a volunteer, is that it is an innovative way of networking and making new friends.

  • It is a great way to meet new people and strengthen existing relationships as you are committing to a shared activity together.
  • Volunteering also enhances your ties to the community and broadens your support network, exposing you to people with common interests, neighborhood resources and occasionally fun activities.
  • Another value gained by being volunteer is increasing your social and relationship skills. While some of us are naturally outgoing and talkative people, some are shyer and find it harder meeting new people. By volunteering, it is giving you the opportunity to practice and develop your social skills. If you are meeting and working regularly with a group of people with similar interests to yourself, it is easier to become comfortable and use the momentum outside of your volunteering group.
  • A further advantage of volunteering is expanding your work experience. While gaining a paid job from volunteering is not always likely, the experience you gain will really help when it comes to completing job applications and doing interviews.

There are a range of skills you can gain from volunteering with SABA Relief that not only demonstrates your willingness to help, but also your awareness of what’s going on in the World.

Why volunteer?

Gaining benefits are not the only reasons to volunteer, as there are a range of other reasons to do so. Volunteering, especially for SABA Relief, is an opportunity for you to support a cause you feel very strongly about. As the situation worsens every day in Yemen, SABA Relief are always trying to do as much as we can to help and support those in need, and with the humanitarian crisis being called the World’s worst, it’s a cause that many people feel strongly about and would want to help.

It is also a chance to make a real difference in your community. Whether you feel those around you are not concentrating enough on current affairs, or you just want people to do more, when volunteering, it is always a chance to help raise awareness within your local area and beyond.

 Benefits of volunteering with SABA Relief

When volunteering for SABA Relief there are many different opportunities and events you can help with. We understand that some of our opportunities may appeal more to others and vice versa. As we are a charity that focuses solely on Yemen, we are always organising events, fun days and other fundraising opportunities.

At SABA Relief, we understand that being a volunteer is not always easy, and there are a few reasons to dishearten a potential volunteer. That is why we do all we can to help our volunteers settle in, feel comfortable and are doing things they are enjoying.

When volunteering, you are becoming part of the SABA Relief team and will represent us during our events by being provided with a SABA Relief t-shirt. Whether you’re at an event, radio appeal or street collection, we cover the costs of your lunch. Not only do you get a lunchtime that is covered by us, we also give you breaks throughout the day as we understand working long hours are not beneficial to you or us.  Occasionally throughout the year, we are given the opportunity to take our volunteers out for a meal.

The main benefit of working for SABA Relief is being part of a great team and a great cause. Everyone at SABA Relief have the sole aim of helping the poor and needy in Yemen. Our staff members are always willing to help and will make your volunteering experience with us as easy as possible.

A list of things we need volunteers for:

Street/Mosque/ Shop Collections

Many times, during the year we are given the opportunity to hold street collections. This is a fantastic way to try and gain donations from members of the public by holding a SABA Relief bucket and discussing the situation in Yemen.

We also are given the opportunities to also hold Mosque collections, which similarly to street collections, is a way of discussing the situation with Yemen and gain more donations by holding the SABA Relief buckets.

Finally, we are also given the opportunity for shop/shopping center collections. Similarly to Mosque and street collections, it is a way of talking to the public and raising awareness for the poor and needy in Yemen. With these types of collections, we have a table with SABA Relief leaflets, booklets, wristbands and buckets for the public to come and donate. We also have our volunteers help bag packing on the tills with the SABA Relief buckets. This is a way of helping out customers in the shop whilst raising awareness and occasionally gaining donations.


To aid the fundraising aspect of our charity, we also hold many events throughout the year to both raise awareness and gain donations for Yemen. From Eid fun days to ladies events, there are many different events for our volunteers to help with. On the day you can help with a range of things. The setting up/shutting down the event requires assistance, as well as during the event to ensure the public are enjoying themselves and are happy with the services they receive.

Radio Appeal

During Ramadan, Qurbani and sometimes leading up to a big event we have radio appeals. This is a great way for our volunteering team to work together and build strong relationships with one another. During a radio appeal, we have guest speakers, members of staff and sometimes our donors talk on the radio with aim of gaining donations. It is a very popular way of raising awareness for SABA Relief as a charity and the suffering that Yemen are facing.

As a volunteer, there are 2 different things you can do during the radio appeal. The first is being a part of our phone team. This includes answering the calls to listeners and taking their donations by recording details on our donations forms. Once you have completed this, you then hand over the donation forms to our team working on the computers. If you are a part of this team, you take the donation form and record the details into a database in order for a donation to go through. You can swap between the teams throughout the day if you wish. This is a great way to boost phone confidence, customer service skills and administrative skills.

Leaflet Distribution

As we hold many campaigns including: winter appeal, cholera appeal, Ramadan appeal, Qurbani and our fundraising events, we produce leaflets that need to be distributed. If you choose you would like to help with this, you are given a specific area and some leaflets. You can post leaflets through letterboxes on houses or taken them to local businesses to keep there. This is a vital way of SABA Relief raising awareness for our campaigns and you can be an integral part of the success.

Car Wash

One of the events we occasionally hold is a charity car wash. This is a way us raising awareness for the needy within the local area. We require volunteers to help wash, dry and vacuum the cars brought in.


When given the opportunity, we also send containers to Yemen filled with food, clothes, hygiene products and medicine. We receive generous donations from members of the public and then we require volunteers to help organise pallets in order and get them ready to be put in the container.

One of the great things about being a volunteer for SABA Relief is the opportunity for a range of different things. If you’re more of physical person and feel as if you only want to help out with the car wash, that is acceptable by us. There is no obligation to turn up to every event we hold, although this would be beneficial to us, the more you can help with, the only thing we ask is for you to donate your time for a great cause.

How to get involved

Becoming a volunteer for SABA Relief is very simple and there are many ways in which you can get involved. The quickest and easiest way is through our website or social media. There is a short form to fill out with your details and we will get back to you shortly with more information. You can visit our office in: Unit 3, 29 Henley Street, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B11 1JB. You can call our office on 0121 439 3380. Finally, you can email us on info@sabarelief.org. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and making a real difference in helping the poor and needy in Yemen.

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