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Struggle for Education in Yemen

Struggle for Education in Yemen

A Whole Generation of Children Deprived from Education.


After 3 years of intensifying conflict, the education system in Yemen has been completely destroyed. War and conflict have a devastating effect on the prospects of a better education. Education should be a birth right for every child and not tampered with no matter what the situation of the country is. This is a world responsibility to ensure such prospects are offered to every child of the world. Due to the growing conflict and tension in Yemen, the government is struggling to focus and maintain the education system. As a result, children are getting married early, placed into labor or being recruited into the ongoing conflict as parents and children have lost hope in the education system entirely.


With almost 2 million students out of education, an entire generation of children placed in serious risk as they either have none or limited access to education. Since the war began, half a million have dropped out of schools on top of the students already outside education.

Since the 2015 conflict, at least 5,000 children have been reported dead or injured and a staggering 400,000 undernourished. This has completely disrupted the schooling system and the future of the Yemeni children is bleak.


A shocking three quarters of public-school teachers have not been paid any wages for more than a year, this has endangered an extra 4.5 million students on top the 2 million out of education. Those studying lack essential and acceptable school supplies. In addition to deficient school material as the government cannot support the schooling system.


The Yemen schooling system is suffering severely, with more than 2500 schools no longer usable, two thirds of these schools have been destroyed through attacks. From the remaining 34%, 27% have been closed down and the last 7% are being used to shelter the displaced/homeless or used as military shelters for rival factions of the conflict.


Conflict and turmoil showing no face of change as we enter the next academic year. Still, Yemen has one of the worst effected education systems in the world. This was not always the case as prior to the conflict, Yemen was progressing in its education growth and we could see that in the enrollment rate which rose from 71.3 percent to 97.5 percent which was an incredible step. The conflict shed its terror in the rise/growth of knowledge and sadly has a devastating consequence on the education system.

We should already know the importance of easy access to knowledge and that it is a fundamental component that should be mandatory for every child. Education is something most of us take for granted in developed countries but in Yemen, children struggle to get access to the most basic learning material.


So, what makes education such an important topic? Why should we care, and how important is it that we should we care?

It should be known that education is the elemental building block in anyone’s life and a birth right to all children. We must look at our past generation and their contributions to development, then we ensure our generation of youth also become a contributing factor. So, they can ensure for their next generation and so on. This has always been the focus of world countries and the natural cycle of progression.

Why is it important? We must keep the younger generation up to date, so they may provide solutions and fresh ideas to society. This secures a stronger, healthier and safer community. This means we must protect, secure and provide knowledge/values to the youth, no matter what side of the world they are from.

We should care as a world community and make it our obligation to help the children of the world identify their strong skills, creativity and potential. This in turns helps them identify their identity and ensures they are a contributing element to society. The child is the center of a growing and developing society, as a world community it is crucial we make this the topic of our focus.

It is compulsory we take care of the children in Yemen if we ever want to contribute real peace and change. Yemen is in a state of war and lacks education and are a small contributor to world development. Therefore, growing and potentially open for big developments. If we as a global community stick together in supporting the education and safe being of Yemen’s future generation, we are in fact contributing to the long-term stability of the country.


We at SABA Relief acknowledge and work our best to help eliminate the struggles of the Yemeni people. We understand that education is a crucial contributor to help end poverty. We have carried out many campaigns focused on providing a solution to the education downfall in Yemen and we concentrate on ensuring that children have easy access to learning materials, supplies, school kits and uniforms. The children of Yemen should not suffer a right they are primarily entitled to. This deprivation of education is our main priority if we wish to eliminate poverty as a whole in the long-term view of the Yemeni crisis and provide  a real  opportunity for the current and next generation.

Every year we try to help the children of Yemen build their confidence and hope by providing educational aid. This year we are aiming to help more and be a reason of hope.


We urge you to help us solve the current struggle of the education system in Yemen and the hardships faced by the innocent children. If you wish to donate, please contact SABA Relief as we have access to parts of Yemen which others either have no or struggle to get access to. We wish to use this for bettering the future of the Yemeni children, please act with us and join us on this life changing campaign, we cannot do this with you.

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