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Navigating Family Life – 2016

Navigating Family Life - 2016

Life is a precious gift from Allaah (swt) and it is upon us to spend this gift in a way that will earn His pleasure. As parents, we appreciate that our children are a trust put into our hands by Allaah (swt) and we have a huge responsibility to raise them in the correct method and right way. After all, it is said that the home is the first school of a child. It’s not always easy however and whilst we put in endless efforts to build the next generation, sometimes all we need is to come together with other parents to gain a little advice.

This is what we at SABA Relief aim to provide with our upcoming Seminar “Navigating Family Life”. It will be an interactive afternoon in which you can join us to learn the knowledge and skills it takes to be a positive and effective Islamic parent.

We are working in association with the wonderful organisation Approachable Parenting and its managing director – Sister Kathleen Roche-Nagi – will be the one delivering the seminar. She will be taking us on a journey of parenting: from pregnancy to 3 years, to 4-11 years, and finally through to the teenage years.

Throughout the day sister Kathleen will be providing us with beneficial advice and techniques drawn from Islamic and psychological principles on how to raise happy and successful children at each stage.

We will also be raising funds for SABA Relief’s Orphan Campaign to support children in Yemen who have been orphaned in the last 2 years insha’Allah.

The seminar is being held at The Bordesley Centre on the 24th April 2016 from 12pm-5pm (doors will open at 11am).

Brothers and Sisters are welcome and we’ll have a crèche, refreshments, and an array of stalls available.

For more info and to register: saba-parenting.eventbrite.co.uk

We very much look forward to seeing you there, insha’Allah!

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