Good health is the most important aspect of our lives and it is one of the best rewards that Allah has given us in this Dunnya, as you know that Yemen is one of the poorest country, the shortage of the medicines made it very difficult for the poor in Yemen to survive from lots of illnesses. The roads to the cities for the villages are unsafe and very far in order to reach the hospitals in time if someone is ill. There are lots of illnesses amongst the Yemenis which can be treated very quick and easy, due to poverty of these families they struggle to pay the cost of the medicines, lots of poor and the needy living in outlying areas they suffer from multiple diseases and need permanent treatments and minor operations for their eyes for example.

As part of its humanitarian efforts, SABA Relief provides both financial and in-kind assistance for patients that are hospitalised in different regions of Yemen. We provide needy patients with financial assistance to continue with a treatment that they otherwise could not afford.  Our aim is to help as many patients as possible but we urgently need your ongoing financial support to cover the costs of their medication.

When there is a crisis in Yemen, SABA Relief provides humanitarian aid that often includes emergency health care.

Current Campaign

Yemen Cholera Crisis

Yemen is facing a major humanitarian crisis. The ongoing conflict has left children and families in urgent need of food, water and medical supplies. And now they are facing a cholera outbreak of unprecedented scale. Now Cholera cases rise to 1 million in Yemen. It is the world’s largest outbreak.

The country has been hit with a cholera outbreak which is the world’s largest outbreak.

At least one child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen from preventable diseases. 

Cholera Treatment:

Cholera is prevented by replacing fluids, often with oral rehydration solutions. These are a mixture of sugars and salts that can be added to water to be consumed by a person who has been infected. Some cases may also need intravenous fluid, and antibiotics can also shorten the duration of the disease. Lack of access to clean water and few established health care resources make treatment more difficult in Yemen.

How will your donation help children and families in Yemen?

With your help, we can provide long-term aid. By donating to SABA Relief, we can provide cholera treatment/financial aid, help prevent the outbreak, and provide food and clean water for children and families.   Right now, staggering 10 million children are in danger in Yemen.

  • £25 could provide an emergency financial aid/treatment for one person affected by the cholera.
  • £70 could provide a month’s supply of life-saving food, clean water and financial aid / treatment to bring severely malnourished children and families back to health.

At least one child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen from preventable diseases.

Mobile Outreach Clinic

The project aims to visit the poorest areas in the Cities, outlying areas and the far schools for a treatment of some diseases.

Therefore, at SABA Relief, we are willing to go out to look for these people to treat them and to give them the necessary help wither medicines or to refer them to the hospitals at the city. We prepare a mobile outreach clinic project to reach patients that can’t offer to buy medicine also this is an opportunity for those whom would like to contribute and save the lives of the poor and the needy by supporting this project.

Project Goals:

  • To draw smile and happens on the patients’ faces
  • To help in saving lives of the poor people
  • To reach patients that can’t move looking for medicine

Help people survive from massive crisis in Yemen

Please make a donation to help us provide medical aid.