The means of survival rely on three things, Food, water and health. Sadly, these are some of the things that is taken for granted by most of the world. It is said that more people die from obesity than starvation. You may survive on just food for several weeks but without water, a maximum of one week is all it takes before dehydration forces out the life from the body.


A staggering 22.7 million out of an estimated 28.25 million of the Yemeni population are relying completely on humanitarian aid. Without this assistance, Yemenis face certain death. 11.3 million are children, meaning 40 percent of those in need are children and this should come as a huge shock to the world, especially in such an advanced and technologically connected world such as ours. These figures cannot be taken lightly, especially taking into consideration that 14 million are literally on the brink of famine, one in which the world in all its history has never seen such numbers victims to hunger from one country. Yemen is the worlds worst humanitarian crisis in the history of the planet and these numbers are of biblical proportions.

Death by starvation is indescribable, the word agony and pain does not do any justice to the suffering caused by hunger. No child in this world, nor weak should ever have to go through such heart-breaking calamities. Surprisingly, innocent civilians pay the price of hunger as the world sits back in silence to the atrocities taking place in one of the world’s poorest countries, Yemen.


It is taught to us from a young age to love for others what we love for ourselves. This should be a compulsory rule followed by all. To watch a country in its entirety to suffer such harsh outcomes is unacceptable. As a global community we must stand together to ease the pain of one another. We at SABA Relief work hard to ensure we solve the problems caused by war and poverty in Yemen. The poor and needy require our assistance with your help. Our aim is to bring back hope, happiness and life to a country that has been stripped from such values that we, the outside world takes for granted. We cannot do this alone and we most certainly cannot do this without your help. We as you to donate generously and to constantly support us through our campaigns.


Rather than just asking for your donation, we chose to gather donations through a social event, where families can enjoy a night out with their loved ones and have a good time whilst supporting those in need in Yemen. SABA Relief proudly presents this charity dinner which will be hosted on Friday the 22nd of February at AL Regents Park Banqueting Hall, between 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM. A selection of great talents and learned scholars will be there to entertain, remind and bring smiles to the guests and families of this event. We believe helping the needy can also be fun, interactive and entertaining whilst serving a good cause.


More details about the charity dinner:

  • Address: Regent Park Rd, Birmingham, B10 0QP
  • Price per Ticket: £10
  • Offer: 3 Course Meal + Entertainment
  • Speakers and Entertainers: Sheikh Essa Al Enizy, Sheikh Waseem Khan, Habib Mohammed (Eye Witness), Omar Esa (Nasheed)