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The Struggles Children Face in Yemen

Six years of brutal conflict in Yemen and being on the brink of famine, the most affected are the innocent and vulnerable children. With more than 24 million people in Yemen in need of humanitarian assistance – which is 80% of the population – 12 million of them are children…...

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3 Reasons to Help Yemen Today

Yemen, a country located at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Africa, has become the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and is facing the world’s worst famine crisis, with 80 percent of Yemen’s population in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Around 24 million people and around 12 million…...

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The Benefits of Giving to Charity

Many people give to charity on a regular basis, because they’d either like to make a difference, have a positive impact on others or just because it makes them feel good about themselves. But did you know that there are studies that show, giving to charity carries its own health…...

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