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Qurbani for Yemen

Qurbani (Udhiyah in Arabic) is the word that describes the sacrifice of an animal to Allah. It is performed by Muslims to celebrate Eid Ul-Adha and is not only a religious duty, but a great way for us to help our fellow humans suffering from poverty and adverse conditions. On Eid Ul-Adha, which symbols the completion of Hajj pilgrimage, the Muslim world celebrates by sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat to those in need.
Qurbani is important to Yemen as they are in desperate need of food especially for Eid, when it is supposed to be a time for celebrating.

This Ramadan - Feed the Starving in Yemen

Ramadan Campaign

Millions of Yemenis are under severe threat of malnutrition as famine grips the country. A painful neglect by the world, forcing an entire country to endure a suffering not known in Human history.

SABA Relief is eager to save more lives by providing food packs, water, financial aid and Iftar (hot) meals throughout the month of Ramadan. We aim to combat the hopelessness of poverty in response to the calls of desperation by the Yemeni people. Reminder: Ramadan is the month of blessings, the month of giving and earning multiple rewards.

With your support, we can save many lives by providing food during the month of Ramadan to the most disadvantaged families in Yemen.